I tried to write my first story when I was 9. I thought stories are communication. Then I saw their role in defining ourselves. Now, recently a father, my view of stories is changing yet again. The beauty of our own story is that it changes with every telling and it is how we make sense of the world around us. This is what fuels my passion for people’s stories.

Panos Raptis is a filmmaker with a multifaceted background across both art and science. The award-winning “Secret Life of Materials” is his first feature-length production; a specialist factual film spearheading a Europe-wide outreach project. His work ranges from short fiction to corporate communication and TV entertainment in Greece and in the UK; with credits on SONY TV, National Geographic, Premiere League Outreach, Open University. Paving the way to directing and producing, he started editing in 2003 and still continues to craft stories as an editor. It all started with ADing and directing for theatre which won him over from his science background and led him to study filmmaking at UCLA and London Film School. He has been teaching editing and visual storytelling as a guest lecturer in New York, London and Prague. The common denominator across his diverse work is narrative expression and multi-discipline communication. He is currently developing a fiction feature film and two projects in intercultural education and multi-media based science communication. Recently a father, he is even more passionate about telling the stories that matter.